Becoming the Flood

by The Hidden Yards

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released September 5, 2014



all rights reserved


The Hidden Yards Phoenix, Arizona

We are a 3 piece from Scottsdale, Arizona
Guitar and Vocals, Alex Sanders
Bass, Neil Hathaway
Drums, Ted Work

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Track Name: Becoming the Flood
“For this life I would bleed; why won’t you bleed with me?
Living a life not there inside my head, counting the days til’ we’re free of disgrace
Carving myself wide open once again, purging myself with this page.
why do i think its such a good idea to wear myself so weak and so thin?
Why try, when time will wash away everything I’ve become.
Zero One Eight Five are you still alive
Oh, I’ll become my own flood.”
Track Name: I'hero Ehli
Once your courage wears thin mistakes appear in everything you see.
These ghosts concealed in your heart only seek to tear your flawless world apart.
Shoot me down I’m not falling fast enough.
We’ll flood this sky.
Shoot me down I’m not falling fast enough
We’ll flood this sky, we’ll flood this sky.
This war inside’s disturbing price am i just some monster living through their eyes
seal me from your heart, these wrongs I’ve made are haunting me, I won’t drag you through this hurt.
I was doing what was right.
mask your shame beneath these lies.
I was doing what was right
absolve your mind and pay the price
I will do what needs to be done
Track Name: Cut Clean from the Herd
Who told me it would be so simple to run against the herd?
All these risks i am willing, the chances im killing for what i am
would you lay it all down on the line, to claim the world you lost
I'm becoming the wolf i always feared I could be, but I never felt so alive
Rising up from this slaughter, all these broken forgotten, I'm not the mistakes I have made.
I deserve so much worse
These lies we’re forced to tell in order to prove ourselves,
I’d move mountains around me so my fears won't surround me and tear me down
I don’t deserve this, I deserve so much worse.
If I could i wouldn't take anything back.
Forget the past just plan your next attack.
Track Name: Second Sight
Right handed caught in my snare.
Were we ever that special?
We’re all dealt different hands, but we end in the same way.
And I’ve made mistakes now everyone wants me dead. This forgotten feeling of a heart beat inside my chest.
We all fall victim to our own devices.
Torn, Broken, Beaten down there’s no easy way to fight this.
We’re all the same just wondering why were named.
Track Name: Somnus
Here you go again these mistakes that you make are your only friend
so quick to pass the blame I’ll never be trapped in these games you play
I left you in the dark
chose these selfish, cause I knew you’d steal my heart
I know I’m quick to run I’m not the only one who’s ever changed their mind
you had me for quite some time living in your eyes
its just so typical this mess I’ve made I’m unrepairable
but the truth was discovered while you were rusting away
the facade you were hiding in began to decay
carrying more than i can hold the only thing I've ever known.
nothing i say can break my fall I've always learned lessons too late
broken and beaten i would lie here if i could
theres no shame in giving up as long as nobody knew.
Track Name: Echoes of Takara
Pray for rain, the curtain needed to mask our plot, horrific as it is.
A city sleeps below.
Drowning for their sons.
Light descends and turns their homes to stone, their doors forever shut.
You’re no brother, just some soul for sale.
Don’t Call yourself my friend.
These lives we save, these lives we’re forced to take, what difference does it make.
Hanged again, hidden amongst the other ones the blade they’re looking for.
What did we do wrong?
It wasn’t one of us.
Did you weep when you left them screaming?
You know you’d run again.
Grab your gun, hold it close, and tell yourself.
I’m the Ruineer, I’ll turn their hearts to stone, the only thing you ever loved.
Track Name: Changeling
Mongrels, no men are found here
Only beasts who wish to burn our little lives to the ground.
Why show some sympathy, when the only gifts we’d receive are just some holes for our heads?
With the roles reversed, they'd hang us from our necks.
Nowhere left to run, I’m stuck living in hell; mama I’m already dead.
Only time will tell, who we were , so will we be monsters or will we be men?
As long as there’s some breath trapped inside those lungs they’re using, be assured they want us dead.
It’s us or them just kill one, go on and pull that trigger.
They’re no harm when they’re dead.
Pull the trigger, end another.
Track Name: Final Flight
The flash that came, the noise that left, it stole the fire from his chest.
Well what came next?
Was such a sigh of relief in the eyes of another, but to me it only brought fear.
Reaching up to kill the ache, to keep the life inside his veins, and off his hands.
No way to relieve these wounds he had received, only time to wait for sleep.
We’ll all end up dead if I do this alone.
Might as well just bite the bridge.
These reservations that sprung from out of your heads,
no words that i said could hold back this flood.
I've grown cold.
The calm the came, the calm that left, the calm that took his life and fled.
It fled so fast.
Was the silence disturbing for the fact that we still heard his screams in our dreams?
Ahlti has crippled us and left our bodies oh so flawed.
I don’t know how much longer I can bear the weight of the world
No One will bury us once our bodies begin to fall..
Where was your heart kept hiding, when he only needed the call?
Torn and so alone.
The silence will take me home, but my bloods on your
Hands bound by nothing but apathy.
Brother why have you forsaken me?
You’ll be digging our own graves.
Track Name: Ceremonial
On and on these memories run through my head, remembering the time we shared.
This fear inside my chest won’t leave, now I’ll second guess these steps that set me free.
So goodnight my friend, I’ll see you soon enough.
These terrible consequences we’re all forced to live with.
We could sit and pray for help, wait for questions unanswered, nothing will show.
Now you’ve found the end in me, I’m losing their beliefs.
I’ll forge my own.
I won’t apologize for words I haven’t said quite just yet.
No the future plays it out inside my head.
This scornful look you wear upon your face,
I’ll deserve every ounce of your hate.
Where will you run when your home is no more?
Strangers minds will define who we are.